About Us


Shenzhen Youchi Umbrella Co., Ltd.

Youchi Umbrella is a distinguished umbrella manufacturer and supplier. By integrating research and development, design, production, and sales, Youchi Umbrella has established a unique space in the market. It is not just an umbrella manufacturer and supplier, but a pioneer in the industry that brings together innovation and style.

Youchi Umbrella takes pride in its own professional designer who meticulously crafts each product to meet the highest standards of quality and aesthetics. As a leading umbrella manufacturer and supplier, their product range is extensive. They offer a wide variety of umbrellas including but not limited to yellow umbrellas, advertising gift umbrellas, golf umbrellas, outdoor solar umbrellas, beach umbrellas, courtyard umbrellas. Each category serves a specific purpose and caters to a diverse customer base.

In addition to being an umbrella manufacturer and supplier, Youchi Umbrella also provides outdoor advertising folding tents. These versatile tents are an ideal solution for businesses looking for an effective medium to display their branding or advertising messages. They are not only functional but also provide a visually appealing element to any outdoor setting.

In conclusion, Youchi Umbrella stands out as a holistic umbrella manufacturer and supplier. By combining innovation with practicality, they are able to offer products that are both appealing and useful. Their commitment to quality and design excellence has positioned them as a leading player in the umbrella manufacturing industry. Whether you’re looking for an everyday umbrella or seeking unique outdoor advertising solutions, Youchi Umbrella has it all under one roof.